Bactrian Camel

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Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Camelidae
Binomial Camelus bactrianus
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The Zoo has four Bactrian Camels in the northwest part of the zoo.

  • Buckeye, M, (1994)
  • Kamala, F, (1997)
  • Padme, F, (2002)
  • Boshay, F, (2003)

The Denver Zoo has a research team in Mongolia studying the wild Bactrian Camels. The Zoo camels help the research in various ways including testing out tracking equipment.
The Zoo has a very helpful mnemonic for remembering which camel type is which- if you turn the B in Bactrian and D in Dromedary on their sides you get a visualization of the number of humps.
They formerly had another camel, Betty (1990-2012?).